19 May

Dr. Mike Kennedy for U.S. Senate

  It’s David versus Goliath: Dr. Mike Kennedy against Mitt Romney… In his bid for U.S. Senate, conservative outsider Dr. Mike Kennedy is offering Utah Republican voters a stark...

19 May

Sen. Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate – Texas

  Sen. Ted Cruz is a friend to conservatives everywhere. He voted AGAINST Mitch McConnell’s monstrous $1.5 trillion spending deal with the Democrats. In fact, back in the Obama...

29 Sep

Patrick Morrisey for U.S. Senate

  Fresh from his big GOP primary win, conservative Patrick Morrisey is LEADING Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin in West Virginia’s hotly-contested Senate race. West Virginia is a critical battleground...

29 Sep

Marsha Blackburn for U.S. Senate

  The National Democrat Machine has poured millions into Tennessee to smear the good name and the rock-solid conservative voting record of Marsha Blackburn.   What’s even more despicable...

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