03 Oct

Revive PAC Launches ‘Hard-Hitting’ Radio Campaign in WV

Radio Ad: Elect Mac Warner for West Virginia:

‘Natalie Tennant is Hillary’s #1 Cheerleader in WV’

Revive America PAC Launches Independent Campaign for Warner 

Kearneysville, WV — Revive America PAC has launched a statewide radio ad campaign to elect Mac Warner for West Virginia Secretary of State.

With an initial media buy of $36,500, the focus of the PAC’s ad is Natalie Tennant’s unrivaled support for Hillary Clinton:

“Job-killing Hillary Clinton lost every single West Virginia county.

But that didn’t stop Secretary of State Natalie Tennant from voting for Clinton, against the wishes of West Virginians everywhere.

The fact is – Hillary Clinton is NO friend of Coal — NO friend of Mountaineers. So why is Natalie Tennant, Hillary’s number one cheerleader in West Virginia?”

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“Ms. Tennant has done a really bad job as Secretary of State,” said Bob Adams, director of Revive America PAC. “Whether it is the obsessive promotion of her own political career, misprinted ballots, questionable ethics, or wasted taxpayer dollars, Natalie Tennant gives bureaucratic incompetence a really bad name.”

“But what really ‘tips the scale’ against Ms. Tennant is her unrivaled support for Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has sworn to continue Obama’s ‘War on Coal’ in West Virginia,” Adams said.  “Natalie Tennant is Hillary’s number one cheerleader in West Virginia.”

Adams, who resides in Kearneysville, West Virginia, founded Revive America PAC in 2012 as a ‘grassroots Super PAC’.  The PAC supports only conservative candidates and causes.  It is funded by thousands of individual donors nationwide, including West Virginians.

While Adams is no stranger to West Virginia politics, his campaign to elect Mac Warner is Revive America PAC’s first independent expenditure effort in West Virginia.

Mac Warner, a conservative Republican from Morgantown, is challenging Democrat incumbent Secretary of State Natalie Tennant.

Warner is a West Point graduate, who has dedicated his career to fair elections and adherence to the law.  In Afghanistan, he was in charge of the largest section of the largest Rule of Law program in the world, managing an office of over 100 international lawyers, subject matter experts, and translators.  As West Virginia’s next Secretary of State, Mac will insure fair elections and promote private sector job growth in West Virginia.

Under West Virginia law, Mac Warner’s official campaign can only accept donations from individuals, limited to $1000 per election.

However, Revive America PAC, an independent federal super PAC, can accept unlimited contributions from individuals and their businesses.


Revive America PAC is an independent expenditure only committee. We are registered with the Federal Election Commission, accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, and political action committees, and report information about our contributions and expenditures as required by law.

Contributions to Revive America PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. *Federal law requires us to use best efforts to collect andreport the name, address, occupation and employer of each individual whose aggregate contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.


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