15 Sep

Mac Warner for Secretary of State, West Virginia

Revive America PAC strongly endorses Mac Warner for West Virginia Secretary of State.

Mac Warner is a highly-respected veteran of the U.S. Army.  He’s a West Point graduate, who has dedicated his career to fair elections and adherence to the law.  In Afghanistan, he was in charge of the largest section of the largest Rule of Law program in the world, managing an office of over 100 international lawyers, subject matter experts, and translators.  As West Virginia’s next Secretary of State, Mac will insure fair elections and promote private sector job growth in our state.

Mac is a proven, rock-ribbed West Virginian who we can count on to fight for our American values.

However, the same cannot be said for his opponent, Natalie Tennant – another poster-child of the far left.  She was elected to the Secretary of State’s office with the financial support of billionaire ultra-liberal George Soros, and the full backing of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. She has always worked to payback the favor, and it’s usually by thumbing her nose at the State’s election laws.

In fact, rule of law doesn’t seem to matter much to Tennant.  In fact, it matters even less when it comes to her obsessive advancement of her own political career

Charleston Gazette-Mail, 10/22/14:

“[Back in 2014, when Tennant was at the time running for U.S. Senate against then Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, on] the first day for early voting in West Virginia, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant… led a group of about 30 supporters down Court Street to cast their ballots. She then proceeded to stump on the building’s front steps for about a minute, an activity her official voting guide prohibits.”

The Corridor Chronicle, 7/11/16:

“[Now two years later,] it appears Secretary of State Natalie Tennant may ‘slow’ a case involving her possible violation of state ethics law past the general election in November.  Some say Tennant is taking advantage of laws she is charged with overseeing to extend the investigation into her own possible violation of the law.”

Tennant knows who ‘brought her to the dance’ – and it’s not the Democrat voters of West Virginia, but the quick-cash support of the coal-hating Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  At the 2016 Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia, it was payback time for Natalie Tennant.Natalie Tennant

Dismissing out of hand the wishes of her fellow West Virginia Democrats, who voted overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders as their choice for President,  Natalie Tennant ‘thumbed her nose’ at voters by defiantly backing Hillary Clinton with her ‘Super Delegate’ vote at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

In fact, as Hillary’s biggest cheerleader, Tennant even wrote out a check to Hillary for $2000!

One things for sure, Tennant is incompetent, but she’s not stupid.  With Bill and Hillary Clinton, it’s always ‘pay-to-play’!

No doubt, Tennant has powerful friends on the left, but we now have the best chance in a decade to stop them!

Mac Warner will win this race.  But in order to do so, he’ll need outside help from independent groups like Revive America PAC, who has endorsed Mac for Secretary of State.

Under West Virginia law, Mac’s official campaign can only accept donations from individuals, limited to $1000 per election.  However, Revive America PAC, an independent federal super PAC, can accept unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations.

Natalie Tennant has billionaire George Soros, Barack Obama, and the Clinton’s in her corner.  Mac Warner has you.

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P.S.  Want to know why Mac has the support of our men and women in uniform?  Read the following statement from First Sgt Ron Johnson:

“Special Operations has the capability to shift mission focus in a nano second. With changes come legal implications. Mac’s job was to keep up with the changes and make sure we operated within legal parameters. He excelled and worked tirelessly. On the third night in country they task me to turn the electricity back on in Haiti for everywhere outside of the capitol city. Less than 12 hours before I was set to move out with two 2000 class LCUs loaded with tankers of fuel, oil and other equipment, I went to Mac to ensure we were operating within legal parameters. This was when Mac pointed out a major problem based on what the operation would cost.”

“Mac worked magic and an hour later the General was signing the request and it was sent out a little after 2200 hours (10:00 p.m.). Around 0400 hours I was awakened by someone; First sergeant the mission is a ‘GO’. It took a little bit for that to soak in but when it did I immediately got dressed and went to wake the General. This message had gone up through our next level, Forces Command, Pentagon and Department of State and back in record time, No one had ever heard of something like this moving so fast.”

 “Thanks to Mac’s efforts the mission to restore electricity throughout Haiti, ‘Operation Light Switch”’was a go. This was identified as the mission with the biggest security and PSYOP effect of the early days in Haiti. Four days of planning and 16 days running non-stop and 16 power plants where producing electricity. One town had been without electricity for nearly 2 ½ years. If that message hadn’t been done correctly this mission might not have happened.
That’s why I support Mac Warner. There were many times that his working long hours and his expertise were required to support all the other missions of task force. He always gave willingly and did an outstanding job.”

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