Tom Cotton for U.S. Senate

teaserbox_887015999Tom Cotton is ‘Tip of the Spear’ in Our Fight for the Senate Majority

Conservative Tom Cotton is the very ‘tip of the spear’ in our fight to WIN the Senate Majority.

It is difficult to see a path to victory without Rep. Tom Cotton defeating liberal Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor.

As conservatives, we must do everything we can to help Tom Cotton WIN.

By defeating Mark Pryor, not only do we win the Senate Majority, but we remove a real bottom-of-the-barrel Obama Democrat from the United States Senate.

Liberal Mark Pryor — who deceptively says he’s a ‘conservative Democrat’ (which is impossible, because they’re extinct like the dinosaurs) — cast the deciding vote for Obamacare.  

Pryor has voted ‘Yes’ on amnesty for illegal aliens, and ‘No’ to a border fence three times.

He voted for Obama’s bloated $787 billion stimulus.

The fact is, Mark Pryor has always backed Obama, including his liberal Constitution-shredding Supreme Court nominees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. 

Mark Pryor is helping Obama to transform America into a borderless ‘Third World’ nation state.

He must be DEFEATED.  Please Help Us

Conservative Tom Cotton is a true American Patriot, who’ll stand up to fight Obama’s ruinous agenda.

Tom Cotton has already served his country with distinction.

As an active duty infantry officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, Tom knows what it means to lead troops into battle.  His military decorations include the Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge and Ranger Tab.

Unlike Mark Pryor — who has ridiculed Tom’s military service as ‘a sense of entitlement’ — Tom Cotton will support our troops and veterans.

As a United States Senator, Tom Cotton will fight to repeal Obamacare.

A principled conservative, he’ll vote to cut Obama’s job-killing taxes and bloated spending.

America needs Tom Cotton in the Senate.

Without him, Obama will control the Senate Majority for the remaining 2 years of his disastrous Presidency.

Tom Cotton urgently needs your support.

This election will likely be decided by the narrowest of margins.

If you’d like to help Tom Cotton WIN, and FIRE Harry Reid, click here to donate.

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